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Restoration Roadshow is a brand new series commissioned by BBC’s Controller of Daytime Liam Keelan, made by Transparent Television for BBC Two Daytime and fronted by antiques expert Eric Knowles.

BBC's Restoration Roadshow

A squad of antiques restorers visit towns across the country where members of the public are invited to bring along items from damaged heirlooms to attic treasures which they hope can be restored.

Featured items will be appraised and valued before restoration and we will discover the back story and history of the item plus the reason the owner would like them to be restored. Restoration Roadshow will then follow the restoration process of featured items throughout each episode.

At the end of the journey, the owners will have the opportunity to sell their antiques at auction and hopefully make a bigger profit than they would have made from selling the damaged piece.

BBC’s Controller of Daytime Liam Keelan says: ‘Restoration Roadshow should prove very popular with our audience. Long-forgotten antiques are lovingly restored leaving their owners with the dilemma of whether to sell them on or give them pride of place back in their homes.’

Jazz Thwaite, Joint Managing Director of Transparent Television adds: ‘We’re delighted to have Liz Mills on board as Creative Director and Executive Producer. She brings an impressive track record across all genres and a wealth of experience in daytime with an infectious energy that is boundless’

Creative Director and Exec Producer for Transparent Television Liz Mills ‘I’m so excited to be working with Transparent Television and to have won our first daytime series for the BBC with Restoration Roadshow. This is a fresh series tapping into not only restoring anything that can be restored but, also in these times, enabling us to make some money from selling it too!’

The BBC Executive Producer is Tracy Forsyth and for Transparent Television are Jazz Thwaite, Liz Mills and Richard Hughes.

Restoration Roadshow is a Transparent Television production made for BBC Daytime.


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