Eric Knowles Eric Knowles, Antiquarian

Eric Knowles' Lectures

  1. A Gentle Introduction to Art Nouveau
  2. A Gentle Introduction to Art Deco
  3. Glass. A History
  4. The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain
  5. Louis Comfort Tiffany – Magician with Glass
  6. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and The Glasgow Four 
  7. Rene Lalique – Master Jeweller, Master Glassmaker
  8. William Moorcroft and his legacy
  9. Victorian & Edwardian Art Pottery
  10. Clarice Cliff and Art Deco Ceramics
  11. Art Nouveau & Art Deco Sculpture
  12. Collecting the 20th Century From Klimt to Keeler and Beyond
  13. Minton Pottery and Porcelain
  14. Made in Worcester. A Gentle Introduction to the Worcester Porcelain manufactures
  15. Rule Britannia – An Introduction to Royal Memorabilia
  16. The China Trade – Oriental Export Porcelains and Works of Art
  17. Made in Lancashire. Gillows to Lowry
  18. Made in Yorkshire, Chippendale to lesser mortals
  19. Alphonse Mucha The pursuit of dreams
  20. Gustav Klimt and Vienna 1900
  21. A Gentle Introduction to Early British Pottery
  22. A Gentle Introduction to Early British Porcelain
  23. Victorian Decorative Arts Style 1837 – 1901
  24. The Perfume Bottle. Cleopatra to Jean Paul Gaultier
  25. Emile Galle and the Nancy School of Art Nouveau


Chiparus Bronze and Ivory figure Actinea 1925
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